One Thousand Gifts



1. My Big Red. The best truck EVER – she’s been so good to me for the last 5 1/2 years.

2. Waking up to a clean kitchen.

3. Coffee. I’ll start with the general term, but I’m sure it will show up again in a more detailed form. And again.

4. Paper plates. (See #2)

5. Rainy days just for lazing around the house.

Yes, I’m starting over. Somewhere along the line I stopped blogging and stopped thinking about what I’m thankful for.


Weekly wrap-up: A Discovery


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The rest of the world (well, at least our world) was on fall break this week, so life was busier than usual in Wingfield.


For months, I’ve been trying to talk Ashe into volunteering to feed the horses at New Beginnings. For months, she’s said she wasn’t interested. This week, she was asked to fill in for folks who were off for fall break. First it was just Monday and Tuesday. Then it was Wednesday and Friday. And she would have done Thursday, too, except this is Enrichment Day week. The reward was the satisfaction of a job well done and a sweet ride on a beautiful fall day. And now she’s planning on volunteering to do this for the foreseeable future because she loves spending this quiet time at the stable.

 photo IMG_1402_zpsd5857987.jpg

Tuesday afternoon we had our favorite people over for the afternoon. Lots of time spent outside at the creek and I hear they built a swing. Wish I had pictures. The boys played Minecraft inside. I love those contented afternoons! Not so much the stick-tights that come in the house glued to the sweaters.

Enrichment Day this month brought a representative from a local volunteer fire department. He put our teens through some basic fire training. I had hoped it might plant the seed of volunteering here in our community, but nope. Not for her. She’ll stick to volunteering each October at the Haunted House and Hay Ride.

The hand is sufficiently healed, so math and language arts are back on the agenda. Although, as I try to fill what I perceive to be holes in our time, she usually beats me to the punch and fills them herself. I shouldn’t worry. This week’s unschooling surprise: my kid understands genre and the genres of zombie, alien, and dystopia. I surely didn’t know what dystopia was when I was 15!

 photo IMG_1395_zps69e6a6b0.jpg

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Weekly Wrap-Up: Wait, I thought last week was lazy days…


There’s not much going on in Wingfield. Except that one sure sign of fall is here. The beans have started turning yellow and soon they’ll be the shade of gold-yellow that is my favorite color.

 photo f4d39eef-23cb-4e52-8317-b4b1ed24e48c_zpsa0c177c5.jpg

The week started out normal enough, with Ashe working on school in the morning and volunteering at New Beginnings in the evening. Then the crud hit and we pretty much didn’t do anything the rest of the week. Not even robotics.

This is so lame I’m not even going to link up to the Weekly Wrap-up!

Weekly Wrap-Up: Lazy Days

Here it is, the last week of September. I’m still waiting for summer! I’m enjoying the cooler weather and open windows, but at the same time longing for the lazy, hazy days that are supposed to be summer in Southern Kentucky. We did manage lazy…


With the cut still not healed we spent the week at home. We watched the first installment of Ken Burns: Civil War. We also watched the entire 2nd and 3rd seasons of Haven, the latest episodes of Bones and Sleepy Hollow, and a few episodes of Drop Dead Diva. And we didn’t even remember the popcorn! There was some math in there somewhere and she reviewed a few science options for the year, settling with the one I used for her brother. (Woot! No $$!)

While Ashe hasn’t been able to manage her regular volunteer work at New Beginnings for the last three weeks thanks to her stitches, she was able to help out with their big fundraiser: Stable Soiree at Pine Springs Stable. Dinner, auction, and entertainment. Her first experience seeing the backstage work of a major fundraiser – what a great opportunity!

While she was bussing tables (and enjoying the dessert), her dad and I tried out a new restaurant in the city. It was INCREDIBLE! The menu is an interesting twist of German food with a Bosnian influence. The family who is running it spent time in Germany before settling here. Even though I’ve eaten tons of German food in my lifetime, I got to try something completely new! In fact, I made a point of trying something I’ve never had before. I love food – how it both connects us, yet shows our differences. Just as I suspected, Bosnian-German is very different from the American-German I grew up with, yet just as yummy!

Today we drove to Louisville, where Ashe manned a booth for her robotics team at the Louisville Mini-Maker Faire.

 photo df062a93-63da-4fe5-add2-1f75e7845d0f_zps3fbb66cd.jpg
The marketing aspect of First Tech Challenge (FTC) is still a work in progress. But I did get her to smile for the camera.

Not a whole lot going on here in Wingfield – for a peak at what other homeschoolers are doing, check out the WEEKLY WRAP-UP at weird, unsocialized, homeschoolers.

What do your kids like best about being home?

In the words of Richie Havens: FREEDOM!

Freedom to sleep when she wants to sleep.
Freedom to eat when and what she wants to eat.
Freedom to read at her leisure and books of her choosing.
Freedom to travel.
Freedom to create at the moment she has an idea.
Freedom to play music when she’s studying.
Freedom to study where she wants to study.
Freedom to change direction at whim.
Freedom to burn down the house with creamer and lighter…

Weekly Wrap-up: Louisville & Robotics Camp


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At the last minute, Ashe decided to go to robotics camp in Louisville this week.  Because there are so many things we haven’t done or seen up that way, we chose to stay overnight at a hotel on Wednesday and Thursday nights.  Okay…  and because I don’t like getting up at 5am to drive an 1 1/2 on the interstate every morning. I’m thankful I got to slip in dinner with Alex in town after we got home on Friday night.

kris_weekly-wrap-upNew Beginnings and 4H Shooting Sports took a break on Monday and Tuesday to allow the public school kids time to adjust to their new schedules. Obviously, not a biggie for us. We’re sleeping as late as ever! 😉 Except for Wednesday, when we had to get up at 5am and be on the road by 6am.

Evernote Camera Roll 20130811 171813Wednesday she had a full day at camp and afterwards we drove to New Albany, Indiana to meet friends for dinner. We walked up and down the main drag downtown, bought some goodies at the farmers’ market, hit the most EXCELLENT coffee shop, and had dinner at Wick’s (a REAL pizza place). Of course, we went inside every thrift shop and quirky shop that was open. Did I mention Quills, the most EXCELLENT coffee shop and the very best Ethiopian coffee that has ever crossed my lips? Oh… and this pretty chai that Ashe ordered.

Picture1Thursday was a half day at camp, so field trips were in order. First stop, Kentucky Museum of Art & Craft. We were both a bit underwhelmed, but since it’s inexpensive and a quick trip we’ll probably give it another chance with the next exhibit series. After that, we drove across the river to Falls of the Ohio state park. Much more interesting than I was expecting! Like KMAC, this stop only takes an hour to watch the movie and tour the nature center. When it’s cooler we plan to take one of the guided tours of the river bed to see the fossils. Neither of us had on the right shoes and our feet were still screaming from all the walking in New Albany.

After the field trips, we had to make stops at new thrift stores. Unique Thrift Store was HUGE, but it was also packed with people. At first glance, the prices seemed high to both of us, but we’d like to go back when it’s NOT back-to-school shopping. Second stop, Goodwill right down the street from our hotel. Where we sat for 30 minutes waiting for the Rescue Ranger to come give us a jump. Bad enough that she still didn’t have any luck (pulling together pieces for Dragon*Con costume!) but we had to sit in the humidity with no a/c. Thankfully, he arrived within 15 minutes.

robotFriday, the last day at camp and a parent demonstration. Ashe LOVED this week and plans to join them this fall for their high school robotics team. (Imagine… driving to Louisville instead of Nashville… paradigm shift!) Her favorite part of the camp was learning how to program the robots.

asheBecause we hadn’t been going long enough, Saturday we got up bright and early so Ashe could pick out her clothes for the Dillard’s 2013 Back-to-School Fashion Show. After trying on everything her size in the store, she settled on her ensemble, and we drove to Ephraim White park for a softball fundraiser. Then, back to the mall for the show. After that, it was all I could do to crawl into my bed and nap…

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Weekly Wrap-up ~


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It’s hard to believe that public school started this week in our county. The weather hasn’t even been warm enough to call it “summer” yet! It’s even harder to believe that this is the second school year I only have one left at home.

kris_weekly-wrap-upWe spent a week in Northeast Illinois and Southeast Wisconsin visiting friends, taking in the sites, and eating great food. Visited the Discovery World Museum in Milwaukee, shopped at H&M in Gurnee Mills Mall, and ate REAL pizza at Giordano’s. Our last stop in Ft. Wayne to visit with two very special people we don’t get to see often since they live on the other side of the globe. Great way to start a new school year!

Structure has been agreed upon. Math (Life of Fred) and Language Arts (Language Lessons for the Secondary Child) are on the schedule. We’ll keep adding until we reach the breaking point.

hist Decided to take an impromptu field trip to the Frazier History Museum in Louisville on Wednesday. Every Wednesday they offer half-price admission after 4:00 pm. Mythic Creatures: Truth Behind the Legends is the current traveling exhibit. Interesting, but we were all glad we only paid 1/2 price to see it!

Thursday night college girl and a friend came out to stay the night. I love having her home, even if only for a night.

A perfect day, at least according to a 15yo girl, on Friday. The grown-ups did all the grocery shopping and errand running in town, while she stayed home and played MineCraft all day.

 photo adair_zps4b1d5fcf.jpg

And then our last 4H Shooting Sports invitational of the season in Columbia at the Adair County Sportsmen’s Club. Hard to believe the beautiful weather we’ve had for every meet this year!

That’s what we’ve been up to – for a peak at what other homeschoolers are doing, check out the WEEKLY WRAP-UP at weird, unsocialized, homeschoolers.